Seder - Passover Meal

Holding a Passover Seder meal in church for Holy Week

On the Monday of Holy Week, we experience the retelling of the story of The liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt

This celebration of the Seder - the Jewish Passover - on the Monday in Holy Week, as an ideal way of setting the scene for what is to follow in the sacred drama of the following days. 

The Seder is followed as faithfully as possible, with Kosher ingredients for the actual meal and a full celebration of the blessings and rituals of the Passover. It has always been a very popular part of our life of worship and - as with the Passover meal - very much a family affair with children much involved throughout.

The table becomes the place for the 'Father' of the family (the Vicar) with the empty place for Elijah next to him and with the 'Mother' of the family next to him and thenthe rest of the family ranged around the square of tables and seating. (The 'Mother' of the family has always been the lady in the congregation who has organised the ingredients for the Seder and the meal etc., and without whom none of it would be possible! The 'Mother' lights the candles in our midst as the Seder begins.)