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1950s picture of the church black and whiteThis is the best aggregation of information we have on the history of the building of St Pauls', Bow Common and of the parish. of St Paul with St Luke.

Much of this detail has come from direct interviews with those involved and not available elsewhere.  The guide is intended for researchers and those interested in detail and source materials.

This 347 page illustrated guide brings together detail about the original church, the rebuilding in 1950s and 60s and the associated art and artists, along with detailed history of the church presence in the parish.

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Contents Index      82 kb  pdf   Text only version

A  Foundations   1.3 Mb pdf       Text only version 

B  Planning the church 1.9 Mb pdf   Text only version 

C  Features of the church 2.6 Mb  pdf  Text only version

D  Further features  2 Mb pdf   Text only version

Selected history:  

E Bow Common a Nuisance; William Cotton and the first church 3.2 Mb pdf  Text only version

F  Ritualist Scandal at St Pauls and St Lukes church 3.7 Mb pdf  Text only version

G  The Clergy of St Pauls and of St Lukes church since 1865   1.9 Mb pdf   Text only version

H  Church Schools and Barnadardo - then and now  2.7 Mb pdf   Text only version

I  Appendix  1.6 Mb pdf  Text only version

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picture of Father Duncan Ross vicar 1995 to 2013This detailed and authoritative guide is the painstaking, dedicated work of Father Duncan Ross, Vicar of St Paul's, Bow Common from 1995 - 2013.  

We are grateful for the very kind permission to publicise this work.

Please address any comments or enquiries to the church via this website in the first instance, which will be passed on.
© Duncan Ross 2016

Published under the CC BY 4.0 licence 

This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as they credit  the original creation. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.